Art saves the children.
Art saves the world.
The artists in VUÅSA recreate unnecessary things into art.
We believe art has power to make people safe and feel satisfied and those people make more people happy.
Art is what we really need.

We realize the world where peace and conflict coexist through art.
What we wear is art, not fashion.



Fashion, furniture, everything which is no longer of use is connected and reproduced by "MADE IN JAPAN" quality. You can experience the hybrid of modern grafiti painting and Japanese traditional painting thorough our products. As a proof of VUÅSA quality, every product has a serial number and the date of rebirth.



VUÅSA, together with children all over the world creates ART. Children's RAKUGAKIs (grafiti) are pure and innocent art. Children are necessary for VUÅSA and for the world. It is necessary for us to save children. - We donate part of the profits from the sales to children through Save the Children Japan and to help the victims of disasters.

Save the Children